April 1- October 31 Leases Start at $8000.00 and Include:

  • Private 50′ Waterfront Site
  • Large Lot Size Approximately 50′ x 100′ ft
  • Private Pier/Boat slip located directly on YOUR  lot, footsteps from your Park Model Home.
  • Private Parking Spaces (on your lot accommodating 2-3 vehicles)
  • Weekly Grass and Grounds Care
  • Water  (available May 1st-October 31st)
  • Laundry Facility
  • Restrooms/Bath house facility
  • Access to “The Lodge” Recreation Room
  • Holiday Activities and Parties
  • Security Gate Access
  • Weekly Sewer Service
  • Quiet Park with Beautiful Scenery
  • Attentive Courteous Staff
  • Fantastic Community

Additional RV Services:

  • Park Model Sales and Service
  • Exterior Washing
  • Bottle Gas Service
  • Repair & Maintenance
  • Winterizing
  • Custom Decks
  • Dura-Bilt Screen Rooms
  • Housekeeping

Boat Services Include:

  • Repair & Maintenance
  • Launching
  • Inside & Outside Winter Storage
  • Lift and Trailer Sales

Park Rules

Only the Lessees on Record May Occupy Lot

At least one Lessee must be present at all times when guests or family members are on the premises or in the lessee’s boat and /or RV

Registration and Sign up Office Lobby

  • In the park all registration, material orders and purchases have always been handled under the honor system
  • Office Lobby is open 24 hours located across from Lot 33
  • Check mailboxes regularly for notices and bills
  • It is in the lobby that all registration for guests, requests for materials, jobs, etc. can be made

Guest Registration / Guest Boats

  • All guests must be registered immediately upon arrival
  • A daily fee of $3.50 per person will be charged
  • There will be no charge for immediate family. Parents, Grand parents, children, grand children, however they must be registered by local and state rules
  • Guests must be made aware of Park rules and SPEED LIMIT. You are responsible for their actions.
  • Guests may not remain in the park when lessee is not present
  • Guests must have the approval of all lessees of record
  • All guests (including family) will be charged additional fees when attending some park activities
  • Guest’s boats may only be parked at their HOST’S PIER ONLY
  • Guest boats MUST be registered in office; extended stays will be charged a fee of $10.00 per day

General Rules

  • All residents and their guests must adhere to all state and local ordinances
  • Fireworks, ATVs, Go-Carts, Gas Golf Carts, all firearms (BB guns, paint guns) all types of weapons, hot tubs, swimming pools and trampolines are strictly prohibited.
  • Public intoxication and drugs are strictly prohibited
  • No contractors are permitted to work in the park on the weekend. Please schedule accordingly
  • Lots must be kept neat, clean, and appealing at all times by lessee. This includes trimming, pet waste removal, or any other debris. If your lot is not tended to, Park Management will for fee.
  • Grass will be cut by Park management unless lessee has requested to maintain own lot
  • Decks may only be placed immediately in front of RV, as approved by park management
  • No deck is to exceed 250 sq. ft., and requires a Lake County Building permit
  • Sheds require a county permit, and the size may not exceed 8×10. Style and location of shed must be approved by park. Sheds must be manufactured units (not homemade and not wooden)
  • Cars are to be parked in designated areas only. Guests park in visitor designated areas and never on the grass or side of the road
  • Fire pits must not extend above ground level and must be covered
  • Quiet hours from 10PM to 10AM
  • No gravel material may be used for walkways except when approved by park management
  • Beaches are allowed on approved lots. Sand can be purchased from park management only
  • All lot improvements, patios, trees, and plantings, must have the approval from park management
  • Boat trailers may not be parked on lots after June 1st unless previously approved by management
  • Outdoor lighting should reflect down, and only white light is permitted


  • Watch out for children in the park and on the park road
  • Children must be supervised at all times by their parent or guardian and the lessee
  • Children are not allowed on lots or piers other than their own without invitation
  • Children are NOT permitted to drive golf carts without a LICENSED ADULT
  • Children must be on lessee’s lot during quiet hours
  • Children must ride bikes responsibly; bikes are only to be on roads, never cross lots

The Lodge

  • Hours 9 AM-Midnight
  • Lodge may be reserved for private events; reservations can be made in the park office
  • Tables, chairs, and all lodge equipment cannot not be removed from building without permission


  • Pets must be leashed and not allowed to run at large
  • Pets must not be left unattended
  • Excessive Pet barking annoyances to others should be reported
  • All tags and shots must be current
  • Pet waste must be cleaned up immediately


  • Keep gate locked at all times
  • Guests are to be let in by lessee only. If they are not your guests, do not allow them in
  • Use caution when operating electric gate making sure the gate is clear before closing
  • Gate key and remotes are not to be given to any persons not residing in the park


  • ELECTRIC CARTS only. No Gas golf carts are allowed in the park
  • Carts must be operated by persons with a valid drivers license
  • Carts must have running light, reflectors and lot number displayed
  • Carts must be insured for liability
  • All cart riders must have seat provided

Trailer Sales

  • When an existing RV at the Island is to be put on the market for sale, and it is to remain in the park, all sales must be handled and approved through the office.
  • A sales commission of 10% will be charged
  • If the existing RV is sold, the current lease is automatically cancelled and a new lease must be signed by the new owner
  • A Used Park Model may not remain in the park if it has been sold 3 times without the approval of park management
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